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Ohio sports betting bonus

Residents of Ohio can now bet on sports at major operators. In addition, licensed betting providers offer fairly decent Ohio sports betting bonuses and other offers, making bonus betting sites in Ohio worth your while.

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Best sports betting bonus offers in Ohio 2022

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Compare Ohio sports betting bonuses


Today, we’ll share our guide to the best betting bonuses at Ohio sports betting sites. We’ll compare major ones, cover the basics of sports betting bonuses, and more. Read on to learn more about these bonus offers and how to take full advantage of them. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions at the end.

In order to get started with Ohio sports betting bonuses, there are several things to understand. Firstly, you should be aware of sportsbooks that regularly offer bonuses in Ohio. Second, it’s good to familiarize yourself with different types of sports bonuses, such as risk-free bets, free bets, matched deposits, and more.

Guide for betting bonuses in Ohio

We’ll also take a moment to explain how turnover requirements work and what they mean in sports betting bonuses. And finally, we’ll share our best tips for sports bonuses, as well as the pros and cons of using them.

It isn’t exactly a walk in the park to win sports betting bonuses. First, you need to really understand the terms and conditions and how these bonuses actually payout. Then, you can try your hand at an exceptional offer.

Best sportsbook bonuses in Ohio


Before we get into the specifics of how betting bonuses work, you should browse the bonus sportsbooks. Ohio is home to several major licensed and regulated operators.

You can browse them below, but know that each of them has different terms and conditions applied to their bonuses. So get an idea of what each betting site offers in sports betting bonuses before signing up.

BetMGM sports betting bonus

This giant is one of the leading US brands, and also one of the best sportsbooks in Ohio, and it has a lot to offer Ohio punters. New customers can avail of several sign-up bonuses. Most notably, BetMGM Ohio offers a $1k risk-free first bet. BetMGM also offers several risk-free bonuses and offers related to specific sports, like football and soccer.

Draftkings bonus

This brand is another big sports betting site where the bonus goes into the thousands. Their biggest running campaigns is worth up to $1,000 (equal to 20% of your deposit), starting at $5 deposits. Note that the Draftkings Ohio welcome bonus comes in the form of credits (not cash). New users can also take part in baseball bonuses, NFL bonuses, and more.

Fanduel sports betting bonus

Fanduel Ohio poses an even bigger first-time bonus adding up to $2,000 maximum. It works as a risk-free first bet. The catch? You have to sign up for both the casino and betting to be eligible. Otherwise, Fanduel also offers several bonuses, such as a refer-a-friend bonus, as well as UFC and NFL bonuses.

Caesars online betting bonus

Caesars Sportsbook Ohio presents what is perhaps the largest bonus value of the major sportsbooks. Their impressive $5k Ohio sign up bonus comes with its conditions, but it’s still a huge offer. You have to download their sports betting app in Ohio, register, deposit, and make the first bet. Then, they’ll refund you up to $5,000 if you lose that first bet.

Other great Ohio sports betting bonuses to be found:

The basics of  an Ohio sports betting bonus


Now that you’re aware of your options, consider several different types of bonuses. Depending on the betting site you choose, you’ll have different types of bonuses at your disposal. Risk-free bets, free bets, matched deposits, and no deposit bonuses are the most common types you’ll find.

It would help if you also familiarized yourself with turnover requirements and how they affect bonuses. These stipulations can make the difference between a great bonus and a worthless bonus.

Some of the sportsbook bonuses in Ohio

Risk-free bet

The first thing to know about Ohio risk free bets is that they are not entirely risk-free. Although the name suggests that you’re invincible when you make these bets, the reality is a bit different.

Risk-free bets promise that a player will get refunded a certain amount of their deposit. However, you have to lose your bet in order to achieve that bonus refund.

Different bonus sportsbooks set their own rules for these bonuses. However, you’ll find that many require you to use your risk-free refund as a site credit for another bet. You can sometimes spread this refund over multiple bets, but other times it’s restricted to one bet.

Free bets and no deposit bonuses

Free bets are essentially the same as no deposit bonuses. These aren’t super common at major bonus providers. A lot of the time, if you want the big welcome bonus, you have to make a deposit first.

However, they may offer some smaller bonuses if you keep playing that are free bets. A free bet is a bet you get to make without having to make any deposit. The bonus sportsbook essentially offers you a certain amount to wager.

The difference between this and a risk-free bet is that you won’t get anything back if you lose the bet. A free bet specifically requires that you make the wager and move on. The only way to profit off of it is by winning said wager.

Deposit bonus “matched deposits”

When it comes to Ohio sports betting bonuses, matched deposits are another offer you may encounter. They may call these “100% match deposit” or “50% match deposit”, etc. Essentially, these bonuses guarantee that if you deposit a certain amount, your deposit will get matched by that percentage. Of course, there is also typically a deposit minimum to meet.

For example, a betting provider may have an 80% match deposit bonus with a $20 minimum deposit requirement. This would mean that you need to deposit at least $20 to be eligible.

If you, for example, deposited $100, then you could potentially get $80 back. Note that your matched deposit money usually has to meet turnover requirements, which we’ll explain below.

Turnover requirements for Ohio sports betting bonuses

Turnover requirements get imposed on most Ohio sports betting bonuses. Anytime you take part in a bonus offer, you should read the terms first to determine what turnover requirements exist. They are often listed as a number with an “x” following it. This means that you need to wager that many times before you can actually cash out any bonus winnings.

For example, if you make an initial $10 deposit and it’s matched by 80%, you start your account with $18. Let’s say that you win $50 from that initial wager, and there’s a turnover requirement of 20x. This means that you can’t withdraw those $50 winnings until you wager 20x times your initial account total ($18).

So, you must compensate until you reach $360 total (20×18). Ultimately, you have $18 in your account before you wager, then you win $50 (so, $18+$50+X=$360). In this case, the difference is $292. Therefore, you must wager $292 more out of pocket in order to access your cash winnings from the first bet.

Tips for playing Ohio sports betting bonuses


Ohio sports betting bonuses aren’t exactly as straightforward as they seem. Although betting sites advertise these offers with just a few details, the rules are usually more complex. Keeping this in mind, it’s good to have a few tips to turn to when you use bonuses.

Always read the terms and conditions page

This should be obvious, but it still requires saying. Reading the terms and conditions is always a necessity when your money is on the line. Even if you luck out with a free bet (no deposit), you still have to know what you’re getting yourself into. Even free bets have stipulations you must meet in order to cash out or get your winnings.

For example, a free bet bonus might have a date you need to meet the turnover requirements by. If you wait too long, your bonus could expire. Further, if you don’t meet the turnover requirements correctly, you could lose out on that bonus money.

Choose your Ohio sports betting bonus carefully

The browsing stage of sports betting is just as important as the actual betting stage. When you look for a sportsbook based on its bonus, you might want to ensure you actually like the site. If you go for the one that has a huge betting bonus, you might overlook the cons of that one in particular .

Further, getting deceived by huge bonus offers is all too easy. Bonuses with the largest value tend to have more requirements associated with them. So make sure you evaluate your options and see that you like the other campaigns offered after the welcome period ends.

Join multiple Ohio betting sites, but only within reason

One way to optimize your bonuses is to join multiple bonus sportsbooks in Ohio. You’re allowed to avail of welcome offers from different sites as long as you have the betting bankroll to fund it. Just remember that most bonuses require a deposit to take part in. Try not to let this get out of control, though. It can be not easy to keep track of multiple bonuses at once.

Pros and cons of Ohio sports betting bonus offers


Sports wagering bonuses pose an enticing opportunity to punters. However, they aren’t all rainbows and sunshine; they require you to put in work and investment. Take a look at the main pros and cons of using Ohio sports betting bonuses.

Pros of Ohio sports betting bonuses

  • Cash rewards – Some Ohio sports betting bonuses offer real cash rewards once you meet all of the requirements. This means you can actually profit with your first bet.
  • Less risk – A welcome bonus is a good way to make your first bet at a bonus provider. It’s not totally risk-free, but it is less risky in some ways than bets you’ll place later on.
  • Multiple bonuses – Most offer bonuses even after the welcome period ends. This means you can continue to benefit as you wager.

Cons of Ohio sports betting bonuses

  • Terms and conditions – The terms and conditions are the biggest downsides of bonuses. In some cases, they make a bonus almost worthless. Huge turnover requirements and minimum deposits mean you could lose money after all.
  • Time limits – Some Ohio sports betting bonuses have an expiration date. This means that the benefit of the offer won’t last forever.
  • Immediate bets – Ohio sports betting bonuses also sometimes require you to immediately start wagering. This can be intimidating and may not be what you want if you’re new to sports betting.

FAQs Ohio sports betting bonuses

How old do I need to be to avail of Ohio sports betting bonuses?

In order to take part in any gambling at Ohio, the punter must meet the state’s minimum age requirement. In Ohio, this legal age minimum is set at 21 years old. Therefore, as long as you are at least 21, you can use any of the bonuses a sportsbook offers.

What are playthrough requirements for Ohio bonuses?

Playthrough requirements are essentially a ratio of how much bonus you can unlock for so many dollars you wager. Each Ohio bonus site sets different playthrough requirements. These can be as high as 20x or 25x. Thus, you unlock $1 in bonuses for every $20 or $25 you wager, respectively.

Which sports betting site in Ohio has the best bonus?

The answer will vary depending on what you want in a bonus. Some offer large bonus opportunities, but the playthrough requirements are strict. Other ones offer smaller bonuses that you have a better chance of winning. Browse available Ohio sports betting sites to find the right bonus for you.

Can you sign up for multiple sportsbooks to get multiple bonuses?

Yes, it is legal to sign up for multiple sportsbooks to get multiple bonuses. However, you should never sign up for the same betting site twice. Also, if you sign up for multiple sites, be careful not to gain debt. Bonuses typically require a deposit; more sites mean more required deposits.

Can you win real money with Ohio sports betting bonuses?

In some cases, yes, you can win cash from sports betting bonuses. However, some offer bonuses in the form of site credits or a chance to bet again risk-free. Be aware of your sports betting site’s rules regarding their bonuses when you read the terms and conditions.